Research & Development

Research & Development

Wireless Power Development Through Pioneering Research

Overcoming WPT Challenges

Lectrifi's Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technologies are developed through an extensive in-house research effort from a designated facility situated in the heart of Hong Kong.

In addressing the main challenges faced in pursuit of commercializing a safe and efficient WPT solution, Lectrifi has demonstrated time and again that the commercial stages of WPT utilization will be possible in the not too distant future.

Short Distance WPT

Wireless Power Transfer solutions, transmitted over short distance coverage have already been introduced in some aspect to the commercial market. Charging of smaller battery powered devices such as mobile phones has been met with limited success as the device is typically required to be in direct contact with the source. Whilst the science behind short distance WPT remains sound, commercial convenience at this time does not.

At this first stage of transfer short distance WPT has developed from concept to realization. Lectrifi's WPT framework continues to develop under testing from leading manufacturing divisions throughout the electronics sector.

The major challenge of seamless cross-brand compatibility remains and whilst Lectrifi's technologies are proven to meet safety and performance requirements, a shift in the design of power elements in the manufacturing of devices is required to gain widespread integration.

Long Distance WPT

Drawing on Lectrifi's proprietary short distance WPT intellectual properties the company continues to develop WPT solutions to ultimately provide households with the ability to power their lives wirelessly. Through the stages of innovation Lectrifi has developed a framework that wirelessly connects multiple home appliances from a single power source.

Since the framework began its testing program Lectrifi, with the help of collaboration partners, has improved output efficiency from under 30% of household consumption (US average based on 900 kWh per month) to around 80%.

Whilst the system is able to power multiple applications at one time, limitations remain and therefore currently demand levels of distribution management that falls short of the acceptable levels of consumer convenience.

Lectrifi continues to work in partnership with manufacturing corporations to further enhance the efficiency and integration of its WPT framework across multiple brands and cross-compatibility of applications.

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